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Welcome to the web site CARAPAX company

Carapax is one of the leading innovative companies that provides requirements for refinery, metallurgy, food and chemical industries. The leading position of the company is the result of a great work to expand the resource base by increasing the scope and conclusion of strategic transactions.


Carapax realizes projects for equipping industrial facilities in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries and Western Europe. Most of the activities carried out in four federal districts of Russia - Central, North-West, Siberia and the Far East and Kazakhstan. International projects are 30% of the total amount of projects.

The distinguishing feature of our company is presence of exclusive channels of cooperation with leading enterprises of Russia, Europe and the United States, which can significantly increase the efficiency of the delivery company's products. Carried out comprehensive programs to expand the range of the proposed functional solutions for our customers.

In the field of environmental protection, we are guided by the requirements of Russian legislation and international law. Particular attention is being paid to the nature of the warning aimed at minimizing the negative impact on the environment.